PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta Update Full Information

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta Update Full Information || Miramar 2.0

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta Update Full Information

Hey guys, welcome to today in this article I'm going to give full in-depth information about PUBG Mobile 0.18.0. You guys have to wait two to three days. As soon as we got the working link will update here. Now, let's Talk About the PUBG mobile 0.18.0 beta update you need 1.6gb data to download the update and up to 6 to 7gb space required if you install the 0.18.0 beta version.

Let's talk about what's new in the 0.18.0 beta update

  • Safety Scramble Mode

In PlayLab, There is Mode added in 0.18.0 beta called Safety Scramble Mode. It's the same as the blue zone to blue zone mode, last month Game For Peace Has Introduced, in this Mode, there are Two blue zones and only one safe zone you had to survive on the safe zone, and there are only 64 players in the lobby. Below Screenshot Of the Mode.

Safety Scramble Mode

  • New Gun P90
In Loadout There's a new gun called P90, it uses 9mm's bullet. On Game For Peace, It was given already but in 0.18.0 update you will going to enjoy it on pubg mobile too, And You can attach so many attachments on the gun. But You can only be able to use it on TDM.
New Gun P90

New Gun P90

  • New Achievement

There is a new achievement in 0.18.0 called scrambler, to complete it you had to win 10 Safety Scramble Mode Matches.

new achievement in 0.18.0 called scrambler

Next Achievement Is Called Lifelong Learner It's Related to Brother's In arm's Mode To complete this achievement, you had to play Brother's In arm Mode.

Achievement Is Called Lifelong

  • New Character

Ther's New Character In 0.18.0 Update Name is Andy; you can See Below.

New Character In 0.18.0 Update Name is Andy

  • New Gun

Win94 is Now With Scope 2.7x Non-removable scope it's more stable than VSS It Uses .45cp bullet's.

Win94 is Now With Scope 2.7x

Win94 is Now With Scope 2.7x

  • Canted Sight

Finally, In Pubg Mobile 0.18.0, you'll be going to see the canted sight option, If you open the settings, there's an option called Side Scope Button, and if you go the scope option there, you will see subcategory of canted sight.

Canted Sight

Canted Sight

  • Mad Miramar

In Classic Mode, there's Miramar 2.0 / Mad miramar The Highlight of the Pubg Mobile 0.18.0 update no Erangel 2.0, as you can see below.

Miramar 2.0

  • New Place

There's New Place In Miramar 2.0  Called water City; you can't swim there, and depth is only to be your leg, And there are New Houses Different different Trees available there.

water City

There's Second New Place In Miramar 2.0 called Ruins. It's not like Erangle's ruins. It's different, and the houses available here are the same as other houses in Miramar. New Route has been added to access the location by vehicle.

New Place In Miramar 2.0 called Ruins

New Place In Miramar 2.0 called Ruins

On the backside, there's a place like the old monument's Type.

Ruins Monument

  • New Car Golden Mirado

In Hacienda garage, You'll Find Golden Mirado, and it is only going to spawn here, not on any other place. It Shines a lot.

Golden Mirado

Pubg mobile Golden Mirado

  • Vending Machine

Vending machines are available in Miramar 2.0. It will spawn in different places of Miramar you can buy energy drink and painkiller from there.

Vending Machine

  • Race Track

Beside's all changes you'll going to enjoy a new VAMOS race track which I've talked about in my earlier article you can check it by clicking on me.

Pubg Mobile Race Track


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