Gaming News, Hitman Go, Cyberpunk DLC, Fortnite chapter 3, PS5 etc

Gaming News, Hitman Go, Cyberpunk DLC, Fortnite chapter 3, PS5

Hello, guys welcome to gamersheaven88 so today in this article will talk about Gaming News, Let's get started.

Firstly we will talk about mobile gaming news. Due to covid19 Hitman Go game is now free on play store, it's a paid game price almost 6.53. Now you can download and play it for free.

The next news is about the Forza street game. The release date is revealed now on 5th may it's going to be released. Very limited preregistration has done; for android users. It's going to be released on the play-store & Samsung galaxy store.

Forza Street Mobile

The next news is about dead by daylight. Finally, it's released. You can download it from the play store for free.

Device Requirements:

  • OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat OS) or above
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent

  • PC Gaming News

So, Now Let's Talk About PC Gaming News; The First News is coming from Crysis remastered edition they released the teaser, and the most exciting thing is that it's going to be released on all major platforms like PC, PS4, X-Box And this also for Nintendo Switch but they haven't teased the release date yet fingers crossed for 2020.

The Next News is coming from CyberPunk 2027, through news the developers saying that DLCA of cyberpunk 2027 will bigger or equal then Witcher 3. If DLCA is more significant like witcher3, then people will get lots of content to explore or play the game, and it's going to be released in September 2020 heešŸ„± we had to wait a lot.

The next news is from Fortnite chapter3 has delayed due to covid19; it's had to be released, but developers have postponed it. Chapter 2 has extended till june.

Next News Is From Call of Duty cheaters on PC is pushing console players away from crossplay Last week, and Infinity Ward said they'd "issued over 70,000 bans worldwide" to cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone. And yet, as Eurogamer reports, players are still encountering aimbots and wallhacks in both Warzone and Modern Warfare. Here's just one blatant example of cheating. Mouse-and-keyboard players have an advantage over those using controllers, even with aim assist. But as the clip linked above shows, killcams expose players getting strings of kills via perfect headshots without ever aiming. Players on console have the option to leave crossplay by going into their privacy settings, but this isn't ideal—both for players who want the opportunity to play with their PC-owning friends and because the 150-player lobbies necessary for Warzone take a long time to fill up when you're drawing on a fraction of the player base And while cheaters exist on the console, as we all know, there are drastically more of them on PC. Several years ago, we published an investigation into the million-dollar business of videogame cheating.

Next News Is Coming From PS5. PS5's Launch Supply Could Be Lower Than PS4 - Report The company reportedly expects the higher PlayStation 5 price tag to impact demand so that it will segue new players into PlayStation Network services in the meantime. The PlayStation 5 is still planned to launch in 2020, but Sony could reportedly ship fewer PS5 consoles than it did with the PS4 back in 2013. This decision is not directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but competition from Xbox Series X and pricing, instead. Bloomberg reports that an expected high price at launch will result in lower demand, leading to a decrease in production. As a result, the company is only planning to make 5-6 million units by March 2021. This is roughly 2 million units fewer than the 7.5 million Sony made for the PS4's launch. Competition may be driving the decision to go forward with limited supply, as the sources said that if Microsoft doesn't delay Xbox Series X, Sony won't delay PS5.


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