Top 9 PUBG mobile Tips and Tricks need to mind when your'e pushing rank to reach conqueror

Top 9 Tips and Tricks need to mind when your'e pushing rank to reach conqueror

Top 9 Tips and Tricks need to mind when your'e pushing rank to reach conqueror
  • Don't play safe always.
When you have to play for rank push than you have to play safe and due to that your aiming skill gets decreased. You have to land far and at last, moment to get a chance to fight with your enemy, because of that most of your skills get decreased day by day. So, before starting a match for rank pushing, you should have a match in TDM by that, you will get trained and your skills will be identical. If you have to play safe all day than many of your skills will get lessen and it makes your gameplay worst. For me, TDM is best for game practice. After playing TDM, start a match for the rank push.
  • Play Miramar.

Miramar is the best map for rank pushing. Though you get more points on Miramar map theirs another advantage of this map that is you will get fewer hackers here. If you had killed by a normal player than it's ok but when a hacker killed you the sorrow emotions are very heartbroken. We carry out a lot of efforts to get our rank to be a push but when a hacker killed you softly than it's the saddest thing ever happened to a PUBG player. So, to be safe from hackers and to get the push you rank easily than always play on the Miramar map.
  • Deal with hackers.
PUBG mobile hacker
How to be conscious about hackers? Always stare at the kill feed, of you have seen someone who has killed a lot of people suddenly after landing that means its a hacker. When there is a hacker the chance of increasing point is very less and the chance of decreasing points is high. So, try not to decrease your points because it's very hard to get them. Whatever it takes, play safe. But if you are playing Miramar, then there is a very little chance of happening this all.
  • Never Prone while your'e doing Loot.
Never Prone while your'e doing Loot

If you are trying to loot while leaning mostly on housetops than your chance of getting killed by enemy is high. While you are leaning and you if you get fired then it takes a lot of time to react. Your enemy gets benefited by it and can easily slaughter you without much effort. Always take loot while standing especially when theirs is a heavy fight going on.
  • Push Early.
When the season starts then start pushing your rank otherwise it will be very difficult for you to get a higher rank. If you start rank push at the end of the season than you have to play a lot and it takes a lot of time and effort to push your rank, so start early.
  • Pick more healing items and smoke.
Pick more healing items and smoke.

Pick lots of healing items, smokes, and grenades. Fewer grenades are fine but take a lot of healing items and smoke, especially first aids and boosters. Healing items are very important for rank pushing because your chance of getting fight during rank pushing is very less but getting fired is high, so take a lot of healing items.
  • Don't play on Sanhok.
PUBG snake

As you know Sanhok map is too small and its matches didn't last long so don't play there because you're pushing your rank to conqueror and as we all know sanhok is the home snake so keep away from snakes before they bite you and put you down in rank points. survival is more important for rank pushing. The longer you survive the more your chance of getting your rank to be pushed. Play Erangel or Miramar, especially you should play Miramar the average match time is high in Miramar then Erangel(Superman + Iron man everyone is there keep away from them {HACKER}) or sanhok(Snake + Hacker).
  • Try to get 200-300 points every day.
Whenever you play PUBG than try to get 300 to 400 points daily. It's easy guys, how it's easy? If you play PUBG well and your performance is very good in every match then you get points around 40 to 50 points if you are in platinum or diamond. So, for that yo have to Play 10 to 12 matches per day, yes per day. For that, you have to play 12 hours a day. For one match it takes time around 30-40 minutes. No pain no gain guys. In these matches, you have to maintain your survival and kill rating. For survival rating, you have to survive for around 20 minutes and for kill rating you have to take kill around 2 kills.
  • Choose the best mode.
If you play PUBG in solo than if you get killed then you are directly out from the match And in a squad, you get highly skilled players who can easily slaughter anybody. The best mode to play PUBG is in duo in classic. If you play duo than if you get killed, you are not directly out from the match you are just knock out and your friend can save you.

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