PUBG mobile Top 5 upcoming updates || Full information

PUBG mobile Top 5 upcoming updates

Hello cool guys. Welcome to our PUBG Mobile update series. We'll be gathering the entire top 5 upcoming PUBG updates and new highlights added to the hit fight royal game. In case you're a fanatic of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, make certain to bookmark this page to keep awake-to-date with the entire PUBG Mobile updates, tips, and tricks.

PUBG mobile Top 5 upcoming updates || Full information

1. The first update is a spike trap. What is a spike trap? You've seen spike traps in a movie or games like GTA. When someone tries to escape with a car after a crime than to stop them police use a spike trap. It punctures the tire of the car and the car stops.



Puncturred by spike

2. Our other update is for stunt lovers. In some places of Miramar map, there would be some stunt ramp. You can easily do some stunts there, no matter which vehicle you are using, whether it is a motorcycle or car. so, this update is especially for stunt lovers. You will get this ramp feature only on Miramar map because 90% of the people don't like to play on Miramar, so this feature may change their minds.



3. Our next update is on the Vikendi map. See, every map on PUBG mobile has it's own dynamic weather, whether it is Miramar, Erangel or Sanhok. For that, the creators will also create dynamic weather for the Vikendi map. It may come with extreme cold weather with heavy blowing winds and a lot more.

Vikendi Dynamic Weather

4. So, guys, the next update is canted sight. When attached to a weapon the canted sight allows users to quickly switch between the 1x canted sight and their normal upper rail sight. This gives users a direct advantage when switching between ranged and close quarters. So, this is a canted sight. The canted sight feature is already in the PUBG PC version and the creators claim that this feature would come in 2020. It may come in between the version 0.16.5 or 0.17.0.

Canted Sight

5. Another PUBG mobile update is a riot shield. Riot shield is a much-awaited update of PUBG mobile. This feature would come in the next year 2020 in its 0.18.0 version.
Basically, we will get a riot shield in airdrop and by this, you can able to protect yourself from firing and if you are carrying riot shield than your movement will be very slow. By using a riot shield you can also shoot your enemies but you can only use some lightweight guns like a pistol or SMG gun, you can't use AR guns or any heavy guns.

Riot Shield

So, these are the top 5 upcoming updates of PUBG mobile. I hope you guys like this article. If you want some articles related to PUBG mobile then follow us and never miss any other updates.

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