PUBG mobile latest Three vpn Tricks || Get amazing outfit's

PUBG mobile latest vpn Tricks || Get amazing outfit's

PUBG mobile latest Three vpn Tricks || Get amazing outfit's

First PUBG mobile VPN Trick

First, download the VPN from here (Click here to download) and install it. After installing the VPN search turkey on the search bar. Then after that click on the first result.

Select Turkey

  • After clicking it, it will automatically connect. After the VPN has connected, directly open the game. Then go the game settings and go to basics

Change region in PUBG mobile

  • and click on the change country option and change your country from India to Turkey.

Select Turkey on PUBG mobile

  • After changing your country, disconnect the VPN. After that, it will take some loading. After completing the loading, go to the event section.

Go to events in PUBG mobile

  • And you can see that you have got a parachute skin and a lot more things like guns skin, backpack skin, etc.

Free rewards on PUBG mobile

So, guys, try this trick, you gonna love this. Let's move on to our next trick.

Second pubg mobile Vpn Trick

Now, you have to change your country to Taiwan. After connected, simply open PUBG Mobile and go to settings like our previous trick and change your country their if only you got this option "Chinese Taipei"

select Chinese Taipei

  • If you didn't see this option that means your VPN is not connected properly and then don't change your country. If you have seen this option than okay you can change your country. After changing your country close the game and also close the VPN. Now, reopen PUBG Mobile, and go to events and go to the "Festival gift" option.

Festival Gifts

  • See this, you will get this outfit for free.

kitten set

Night Kitten Set Free PUBG mobile

Once you change your country you don't need to change it again just open and play.

Third pubg mobile Trick

Here comes our other trick. By applying this trick you can able to get a royal pass with just Rs. 190 and a lot of other things.

PUBG mobile Credit

You may hear that this offer comes once in 2 months but the trick which I am going to show you is a secret trick, nobody knows this one so and this trick is very simple. First, open a new Gmail account and go to the play store. Give rating to PUBG Mobile. After 1 week you will receive an Rs. 200 credit from the play store and you can use this money as you wish in PUBG Mobile.

So guys, go and apply this VPN tricks and grab those items. Give your feedback on how can we improve our content in the comment section down below and be sure to follow us for more tricks, PUBG updates, tips, etc.

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