How to master Gyroscope on PUBG mobile || Full information with best settings

How to master Gyroscope on PUBG mobile Full information with best settings

How to master Gyroscope on PUBG mobile || Full information with best settings

Gyroscope is one of the principal settings of  PUBG which helps the player a lot in aiming its targets. Most Android cell phones have worked in gyroscope sensor. The gyroscope sensor can make great estimations of the movements so that the real movement of the player can be judged and analyzed precisely. PUBG utilizes this gyroscope sensor to enable its players to aim using the tilt of the phone without sliding or swiping on the screen, which is truly a great feature for most of the players but this gyroscopic aiming is not for everyone. Those who practice it on a regular basis, invest their time and effort than they get benefited from this feature.

Gyroscope aiming is very important for those who use AR guns frequently. Switching is also very useful for those who are playing in the squad. If you switch target without gyroscope than you have to do it by sliding your thumb and its very awful. Gyroscope is very helpful when you are playing against a squad. Playing against a squad means a lot of enemies and for that, you have to switch faster. If you are playing a match using gyroscope than you can't play it moderately by lean at your bed. You have to sit in a proper position so that you can use a gyroscope aiming without much effort.

1.The first tip is, you have to increase sensitivity. You can copy my sensitivity settings down below after that adjust it by yourself. By using my sensitivity setting you can able to do spray, snipping, etc.

Gyroscope Sensitivity

2. The second tip is, first you should do some basics training. First, try to shoot at the chest than try to shoot at the head. These all are basic training, everybody knew these things. After that come to moving targets. Try to shoot all moving targets at one spray. By practicing these you can able to switch your target quickly. If you use sniper frequently than first forget about accuracy. You have to practice quick scoping. You should try to scope as fast as you can. Accuracy will automatically come to your hand.

Gyroscope Spray

3. After a training session, you should play arcade matches after playing some arcade matches than move on to classic mode. If you directly play classic than you may lose, you didn't get chicken dinner and by all that you will be demotivated.

4.The fourth tip is, what type of player are you? initially, clear yourself that what type of player you are, are you good at assault or sniping or supporting? At first, you can't do everything alone. After learning and practicing a lot a time will come when you can do everything but before that don't destroy your initial stage. After clearing yourself, you have to design your sensitivity according to your type.
Now let's talk about sensitivity

So, the first talk about assaulting. In assaulting there only two types of fights happen-
  • Close Fight
  • Mid-range fight
For close fight and mid-range fight, your no scope sensitivity should be high because it helps you in switching your target. For scope sensitivity, your sensitivity settings should be between 270-300.

Gyroscope Sensitivity For Red Dot

Most of the snipers and assaulter's use this setting for AR. For 2X your sensitivity should be 250-300.
Gyroscope Sensitivity For 2X

For 3X this scope is for spraying and finding enemies and its sensitivity settings should be 160-230.
Gyroscope Sensitivity for 3X

For 4X arrange the settings as you can see in the image down below

Gyroscope Sensitivity for 4X

This scope can be used for both sniping and spraying and this scope is also used by supporters. If you use 6X for sniping than increase its sensitivity but don't increase its sensitivity much it will affect your accuracy. For spraying through 6X, decrease your sensitivity and its sensitivity settings are also the same for 8X.

Gyroscope Sensitivity for 6X

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