How To control recoil in PUBG Mobile || All information About Recoil || Recoil Settings For New Players

How To control recoil in PUBG Mobile || All information About Recoil || Recoil Settings For New Players

Hello guys, welcome here. In this article, I will give you every single detail on recoil control. I guaranteed you that after reading this article you will become an expert in recoil control. Before I start, first you should know what is recoil.

How To control recoil in PUBG Mobile || All information About Recoil || Recoil Settings For New Players

What is recoil?

Gun discharging pin Strike the slug and touch off the black powder. The explosive
consumes and creates high-pressure gas. The warhead is catapulted, that is, the slug is shot.

We as a whole realize that the impacts of power are shared. At the point when the gun discharges a projectile, the gun itself is additionally dependent upon the invert weight of the black powder gas to push the firearm body back situated and afterward kick back and transmit the power.

To the butt-stock, bringing about force, resulting in recoil. In Simple When you fire at your enemy the gun used to shake that's called recoil.

Gun recoil can be generally separated into two sorts. They are-
  • Vertical Recoil

Vertical Grip
Vertical Recoil refers to the power that pushes the gun upward when you're shooting the enemy.
  • Horizontal recoil
Half Grip
Horizontal recoil refers to the power of the weapon's movement in the left and right way when you're spraying or Shooting.

How to control recoil?

#1 grips are the "best" for particular firing. #5 the worst. This is to be understood as a guide because the best choice of grip depends heavily on the weapon and personal preference.
I hope that you get a good understanding of recoil, so, now I will give you A to Z
information on recoil control. To write this article I do a lot of research on recoil control. This will help you a lot with recoil control.

Camera and ADS Sensitivity are the two settings that will help you in recoil control. If you use these settings cleverly (Skill Fully) than you can become a master in recoil control. First, let us be familiar with these two settings.
  • Camera
Camera Sensitivity implies the Sensitivity when you are glancing around while checking in for instance. For camera sensitivity, go to the setting than sensitivity after that go to the camera, you will find a Red dot option, by default this option would be 60% make it 50%. 

If you increase your camera sensitivity than it would make your aiming awful, now move on to ADS sensitivity.
  • ADS (Aim Down Sight) sensitivity
ADS sensitivity changes the measure of weight you have to apply to keep your programmed fire on your objective. For ADS sensitivity, go to the setting than sensitivity than after going to ADS sensitivity, there you find another Red Dot option which is by default 60% make it 40%.

If you increase your ADS sensitivity than the movement when you fire a weapon would be increased and you won't be able to fire any object skillfully. These two are the principal settings for recoil control.

By changing these settings you can make your recoil control Very Impressive.

Now, let's talk about 6x in M4. If you want to reduce your recoil up to 50% in M4 than use it like 3x then your recoil control would be very facile.

If you firing by standing than it may affect your recoil control but if you are firing by seating than as I said, your recoil control would be very facile.
Now let's move on to the settings of 3x. Go to settings after that go to sensitivity than after go for the camera. Now reduce their sensitivity as low as you want. The more you reduce the sensitivity of the scopes the more it would be beneficial for you.

Let's take an example of 8x. You use 8x in snipers for that you need very slight movements of your scope. To reduce their sensitivity as low as required.
  • Camera sensitivity for 3x is 21%, ADS sensitivity is 20%.
  • Camera sensitivity for 6x is 14%, ADS sensitivity is 8%.
So guys, that it for today. I hope you figure out and you get what you hope for. By experimenting with those settings you will acquire a lot of mastery in recoil control.

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